September 6, 2019
Students who decide to study abroad usually have a prioritised list of countries they wish to apply. Some of the more popular ones are usually in Europe and Asia. As far as Kazakhstan goes, it is still a new destination for students but fast becoming a favoured one. Moreover Kazakhstan, the world’s largest landlocked country,...
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Study Abroad in Europe
Europe has long been one of the top destinations for students to apply in for their higher education. The continent has some of the premiere universities in some of the best countries that students look up to for a number of higher education degrees. From studying humanities in Paris to studying Business in London, Europe...
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Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is the second-largest country in the continent. The newly liberated country has been a focal point of the world for quite a while now. With a rugged history of occupation by various authoritarian governments, Ukraine became independent in 1991 with the dissolution of the USSR, and since, has seen growth...
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Often included in the list of “Next Eleven” economies, the Philippines is an archipelagic country with over 7,000 islands, located in the Southeast region of the Asian continent. Officially known as the Republic of the Philippines.
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