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7 Benefits of Studying MBBS in Georgia

Indian students who want to study MBBS abroad must undoubtedly consider MBBS in Georgia. Georgian medical colleges aim to help students pursue and fulfill their ambition seeking the best opportunities throughout the world. Georgia is famous for its medical education worldwide and the tuition fees to study MBBS in Georgia are also quite low compared to many other abroad countries.

There are several advantages for medical students who want to pursue MBBS Studies in Georgia, making it the preferred choice for Indian students. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of studying MBBS in Georgia, which also are the major reasons to study MBBS in Georgia:

Recognized by MCI and WHO:

  • The quality of education is excellent at MBBS universities in Georgia.
  • There are approximately 18 medical universities in Georgia that are recognized by MCI and WHO among other medical bodies.
  • This makes it a great alternative for Indian students who wish to pursue their MBBS Studies in Georgia.

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No Entrance Tests:

  • The admission process for students who wish to study MBBS in Georgia is quite easy.
  • Admission to MBBS in Georgian universities is based on the student’s score in 12th
  • Students who have a minimum of 50% marks in the 12th standard subjects can easily get admission to study MBBS in Georgia.

Study in English:

  • Studying MBBS in Georgia is a good option for Indian students as most universities in Georgia use English as their teaching language.

Modern infrastructure and equipment:

  • Medical universities in Georgia have world-class advanced infrastructure and technology.
  • Students who study MBBS in Georgia gain hands-on, real world experience as they got the opportunity to conduct clinical experiences and practices from the first semester itself.

Ample Opportunities:

  • Medical universities in Georgia provide the opportunities to take practical, experimental, and clinical tours to improve their skills in a better way.
  • Students also got the chance to apply for internships in qualified medical institutions.

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Hostel Facilities:

  • All MCI approved medical institutions in Georgia offer good food, education as well as catering and hostel facilities for students.
  • As the students stay far from their country, it proves to be a good option for students to stay in such a healthy environment.


  • Georgia is exceptionally safe for students studying MBBS over there as the crime rates are very low in Georgia.
  • Students can use public transport safely. Also, there are separate accommodations for men and women living in hostels. In short, Georgia offers a quality of life for students who study MBBS in Georgia.

Wrapping Up

Georgia medical universities have seen a sharp increase in the number of international students who are pursuing MBBS Studies in Georgia in recent years. It is very beneficial to study MBBS in Georgia but while selecting any medical college, make sure you only select a college approved by MCI. Most of the medical schools in Georgia also have a low-cost fee structure with cheaper housing fees, which also make it cheaper to study MBBS in Georgia. Contact Just for Education for free career counseling who want to pursue MBBS in Georgia.

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