About Us

Just For Education (JFE) is an online portal for students, parents and essentially anyone who is interested in seeking information about higher education in the medical domain (MBBS). The portal seeks to answer impending questions that prospective students and their parents may have about applying for a medical degree in countries abroad. We provide comprehensive, brief and relevant data on universities in Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, West Indies, China, South America, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and many others that offer a MBBS degree or a degree equivalent to an MBBS. All universities in these countries offer an MBBS degree or a degree that allows for students to practice medicine in India.

We task ourselves with providing accurate and up to date information, aimed to encourage students to pursue a degree in countries abroad. Just for Education has been created to fulfill a vision of empowering students with knowledge so that they make wiser decisions while choosing their career and alma mater. It is a portal full of comprehensive information so that students walk their career path with eyes wide open, aware of the opportunities available for them as they endeavour to make a name of themselves in the medical domain.

At JFE, we work with experts across the country to keep track of new courses and new information. Our blog is the best place for parents and students and educational advisors to get up to date, new information and to keep track of emerging vistas for young and aspiring students in India.

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