Doctors offering concierge medical service

Doctors offering concierge medical service


Concierge medicine is a relationship between a patient and a doctor in which the patient pays an annual fee/retainer to the doctor in return for services. The concierge medicine business model has both pros and cons for the society. People who opt for concierge medical services are eligible to get comprehensive health care packages from the medical center or medical practitioner from where they have availed the concierge medicine service pack. The patient would need to pay a certain amount of periodic fees to avail benefits and services of concierge medicine module. The fee varies according to the features and benefits inclusive in the concierge medicine package and can range from basic to enhanced pricing options.

Job Responsibilities

The profession of medicine does not bind the doctor to any particular patient but to the cause of rendering healing service to those who come to him for assistance. Hence the concept of package deals in terms of medical service vastly differs from that of annual maintenance contracts of appliances, buildings etc.

However, concierge health services can be a boon especially in case of patients who need periodic medical follow-up due to ailing health, chronic illnesses, and diseases. Concierge medical service is also required by elderly patients who need regular check-ups to keep certain parameters under control like blood pressure or sugar levels etc.  Concierge health care packs are especially beneficial for those who are suffering from health conditions which can be life–threatening if there is any delay in treatment.

The above implies that medical practitioners are more likely to extend concierge healthcare services on a selective basis after considering the medical history of patients. Patients with whom doctors have health concierge contracts have special access to doctor’s time and commitment. The doctor prioritizes calls from patients who have taken up medical concierge services. The patient does not have to wait or take an appointment. The doctor visits the patient at home or arranges for transfer to hospital depending upon the medical condition.

Concierge medical services can be life-long or for a particular time period to effect speedy recovery. Time-bound concierge medical services can be taken up for say three or six months and renewed further if required. If the patient recuperates completely during the concierge health care period, the contract may be discontinued.

In most cases patients are covered by medical insurance. Medical concierge service centers may take up the responsibility of front end coordination with the health insurance company to ensure that the patient is able to receive   the full amount  due under his/her health insurance package.

Sometimes medical care for specific conditions may require treatment overseas. In such cases, medical concierge unit may arrange for the doctor’s visit from abroad or for patient transfer to the overseas hospital. Health concierge center may take up the responsibility of arranging for visa and other travel logistics for patients who need to be sent abroad for treatment.

Job responsibilities of concierge medical service provider include:

  • Scheduling periodic visits to patients’ home
  • Conducting periodic health check-ups
  • Getting all the required tests and diagnosis done timely
  • Prescribing medicines and medical advice for quick recovery
  • Maintaining up to date health record of patients
  • Attending to patient emergency calls
  • Arranging a consultation with other specialists
  • Admitting the patient to hospital or ICU for emergency treatment
  • Ensuring the patient is able to avail the applicable medical insurance coverage

Skills/Training Required

The concept of family doctor has been operational since ages. In modern times, the scope of medical concierge services goes much beyond the services of the family doctor. Advanced computer technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are being put to use to render speedy services in health care which has direct implications on patient recovery. Modern day medical concierge services are being made available by hospitals and health care centers by not just individual therapists but the entire team of dedicated medical practitioners including doctors, nurses, phlebotomists and para health care practitioners.

The health care center or hospital needs to be equipped with the following features to be able to offer medical concierge services:

  • Qualified medical practitioners on roll
  • In-house facilities for emergency services
  • Phlebotomy facilities for diagnostic and testing services
  • Pharmacy store with a complete range of medicines
  • Well stocked blood bank
  • All-time emergency service helplines
  • 24 by 7 operational center with requisite staff on attendance
  • All-time ambulance service for patient emergency transfer
  • Physicians available for home visits
  • Nurses and paramedics available for home visits
  • Easy access patients health records

Concierge Doctors

Medical concierge business model has gained popularity in India and all over the world. India presents the advantage of cheap and quality medical care. Health concierge services can now be accessed in most cities of India

Credible medical concierge – New Delhi, India

The medical concierge center is located in New Delhi, India and is the country’s best equipped medical concierge facility known for quality and economy.

The center is located at 79/9, Kishangarh, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi- 110070. They can be reached via phone at 098731 98431. The online address of the center is

Texas medical concierge – USA

The center with global networks provides total concierge services that includes much more than managing illnesses. Texas’s health concierge service concept extends to holistic life care and wellbeing. The center also practices charity.

The medical concierge center has its overseas unit in USA at 11375 West Sam Houston Parkway Suite no. 150, Houston, Texas 77031 Texas medical concierge USA center can be reached by phone at +1(832) 9290400, and enquiry can be sent by mail to support@texasmedicalconcierge.

In India the medical concierge center is located in 2, Sardar Patel Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021, phone no. 011 4619 4444


The world of health care can become a complex web and extremely difficult to navigate for people with chronic and serious illnesses. Medical concierge centers facilitate on behalf of patients to provide them a single solution for best economical health care and recuperating services.

On the one hand it is true that there is a shortage of doctors in most countries and doctors are booked by concierge contracts by people who can afford them. This can lead to their unavailability for patients who may not be able to afford the concierge pack expenses. Yet on the other hand it is also true that a concierge pack works out to be the best solution in terms of holistic medical care, treatment continuity, and economy.

Veteran medical concierge service providers address the issue by relying on modern age scheduling techniques so as to attend in the best possible manner the concierge patients as well as the single appointment patients.

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