Reasons to Pursue Your Medical Career at Saratov State Medical University

Reasons to Pursue Your Medical Career at Saratov State Medical University

Saratov State Medical University, Russian Federation, is one of the oldest and most renowned educational institutions in Russia and the world. The glorious achievements and history of this institution make it one of the obvious choices for a student keen on pursuing a successful career in medicine. This institution has the infrastructure to hone each student’s skill and help in his or her holistic development. Saratov State Medical University continues to grow each year dynamically.

Saratov State Medical University—A Brief Background

Saratov State Medical University (SSMU) was founded in 1909 by Professor Vassily Razumovsky, who was also a renowned surgeon and founder of a neurosurgery school in Russia.

Several science departments were added, such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and General Surgery. In 1911, a group of new departments began to function. They were Operative Surgery, Pathological and Topographic Anatomy, General Hygiene, Histology, and Forensic Medicine.

After a major reorganization in Russian education in 1930, many institutes were made independent, including the Medical Faculty of Saratov University.

Beginning with just 1600 students in 1935, the university added one more faculty in 1939 called the Faculty of Training Military Physicians.

The third faculty began in 1961 and was called the Faculty of Post Diploma for Continuing Education meant for refresher training of interns, postgraduates, and specialists.

In 1988, a Faculty for Dentistry was also opened.

Initially, only Indian students were enrolled, but international students started joining in 1991. Currently, 7000 students are studying at the university from over 50 countries.

The unique feature of this university is its dedication to adopting only the classic methods of medical training for all its faculties.

MBBS Course and Admission Details

  • The admission process at SSMU begins in the month of September.
  • Minimum required percentage for MBBS is 50% in PCB (Physics/Chemistry/Biology).
  • The candidate must have taken the NEET, IELTS/TOEFL exams.
  • The processing time for MBBS application in SSMU is roughly 45 to 60 days.
  • The annual fees for the MBBS course at SSMU will turn out to be 4500 USD.
  • The rough cost of accommodation at SSMU campus is 150-250 USD per month.
  • The course duration at SSMU is 6 years.
  • The languages of course instruction are English and Russian.
  • The documents required for the MBBS application are mark sheets of 10th and 12th grades, transfer certificate, 6 passport photographs, passport, migration certificate, medical insurance from a recognized hospital, eligibility certificate from medical council of India if necessary.

Once the application is approved, the candidate must apply for the entry visa to Russia. The copy of the entry visa must be submitted to the Russian Federation or Migration Card must be submitted for those who can enter without a visa.

The MBBS course duration at SMMU is spread across 2 terms including vacations. The practice is done during July in Summer. The vacations are given from January 25 to February 10 and July 10 to September 1.

The university follows the ECTS system where one credit is equal to 36 hours of lectures and practice and 1 exam. 1.5 ECTS credits is equal to 1 week of practice and 1 week of exams for graduation.

Why Saratov State Medical University is the Top Choice for Medical Students

Accreditations and Rankings

The BDS, MBBS, MS, and MD degrees of the Saratov State Medical University are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the International Medical Education Directory, World Health Organization, the General Council of Medicine of Great Britain, and the US Education Department.

The National University Rating of 2013-14 rated SSMU as 18 amongst the universities in Russia.

SSMU has been able to maintain its position amongst the top 20 consistently amongst over 160 universities.

QS World University Rankings, which is one of the top international ranking organizations, has ranked SSMU in the 501th position in the year 2019. The ranking is awarded based on the following factors:

  • The competence of university graduates
  • Reputation of companies that hire the graduates
  • Teacher-student ratio
  • The quality and number of research papers published
  • General teaching quality
  • New ideas produced by the student faculty
  • International reputation of the university
  • Graduates’ contribution toward academic and scientific advancements.

Faculties and Degrees

Over the years, Saratov State Medical University has become one of the largest schools of medicine in Russia. It has followed the classic system of education by providing a strong foundation in theoretical subjects.

Every year, over 600 students come to study at this prestigious university. At a given time, over 5000 medical students are studying here. There are about 75 departments in SSMU led by more than 700 skilled physicians, teachers, and professors.

Saratov State Medical University is responsible for training over 50,000 professionals in the last 100 years. The faculties available in the university are:

  • Preventive Medicine
  • General Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Pediatrics
  • Clinical Psychology
  • International Students Department
  • Health Care Management
  • Prevocational Training
  • Advanced Medical Training
  • Internship

The continuous system of learning facilitates the provision of pre-university training and undergraduate and postgraduate studies for future medical professionals, pharmacists, psychologists, and health managers.

The university awards its graduates “Diploma of Higher Education” that specifies the particular stream or specialty of the degree or qualification. Diploma supplement, the additional document, helps the graduates to obtain an equivalent degree in any part of the world.


Saratov State Medical University boasts of state-of-the-art interactive training methods and techniques. It has well-equipped multimedia classrooms, labs, and libraries. The SSMU scientific library is one of the most well-known libraries in Russia. It is known as the center of intellectual, regional, cultural knowledge, and communication. The library is well-equipped to service the university’s entire staff, students, researchers, and faculty.

The sports club of SSMU was started in 2009. It arranges various fitness and sports activities for the staff and students. The activities offered in the sports club are chess, swimming, aerobics, fencing, handball, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, darts, karate, and many more.

There is comfortable and safe hostel accommodation provided to all SSMU students.

SSMU has collaboration with many foreign universities and is a part of various path-breaking medical researches.

Qualified Teaching Staff

The teaching staff at Saratov State Medical University comprises qualified academicians, experienced professors, and famous scientists from the Russian Federation. There are over 817 qualified professors who are specialists in various fields of study at the university.

There are about 100 doctors in science, 200 assistant professors, 300 departmental assistants, and 400 highly qualified clinical department professors.

Prestigious Alumni

Saratov State Medical University is a place for students who are dedicated to providing exemplary service to their patients. The proud alumni of the institute are doing just that. The institute has been successful in producing qualified and responsible doctors and medical service professionals who are making a mark in the society.

The top graduates from SSMU are recognized in the field of medicine and healthcare for their knowledge and skills. Some of the prestigious companies that the graduates of SSMU work for are Abbott, Bayer, MSD, Merck, Karolinska University Hospital, Pfizer, and Valenta Pharmaceuticals.

Conclusion- Be brilliant at SSMU

The world sees SSMU graduates working in various aspects of education, healthcare services, sales, business development, arts and design, operations, research, administration, support, media, and communication. Conquering the world with the immense brilliance of skills they learn at the elaborate campus of SSMU.

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