Study at Xinjiang Medical University, China, for the best Medical Education Experience

Study at Xinjiang Medical University, China, for the best Medical Education Experience

Xinjiang Medical University (XMU), also famously known as the Xinjiang Medical College, is a medical institution for learning. It is located in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China. The university was first established by Jiang Zemin in the year 1956 and was ratified by the National Ministry of Education in the year 1998. The Xinjiang Medical University was founded by merging the Traditional Chinese Medicine College of Xinjiang Medical University with the V Medical College. The university has opened the door for international students since the year 1992. Moreover, since the year 2001, the Xinjiang Medical University has begun enrolling Undergraduate students.

The Xinjiang Medical University has facilitated 25 diverse specialities for its undergraduate students and has given special focus and emphasis on medicine, linguistics, and management. Apart from that, more 17 specialties are facilitated for in the academic education as well.

The XMU has its campus situated at the base of Carp Hill in the northeast region of Urumqi. The campus of XMU is a total of three million square feet.

Existing for well over 60 years and counting, the XMU has managed to acquire the interest and attention of many national and international leaders and figures. The Chinese Communist Party and other provincial and urban figures were some of the many who took an active interest in the XMU.

XMU faculty and association

At present, the XMU has a total of eight allied and medical colleges, which are:

  • The Medical College
  • Public Health College
  • Traditional Medicine College
  • Basic Medicine Sciences College
  • Pharmacy College
  • Nurses Training College
  • Continuing Education College and
  • The Vocational College

As of the year 2010, the campus of the XMU had consisted of a faculty core of 1163 professors and assistant professors combined. Apart from the teaching faculty, 4290 employees were in XMU for fulfilling other roles for the maintenance and smooth operation of the university. For the supervision of its doctorate students and master’s students, 400 supervisory positions, we entailed at the XMU.

The Medical Courses offered

Students at the XMU can acquire their Doctor of Medicine or MD certificate after completing the seven-year course that the institution has to offer.
Other optional medical courses at the XMU are for clinical medicine spanning across three years.
The annual tuition fee is 50,000 CNY and on completion awards the graduates a Doctor’s degree.
XMU has been affiliated with almost every hospital in the Urumqi region and has over 40 clinic position spread across these centres.

The application fee at XMU is a total of 120 USD, which is non-refundable.
The subsequent tuition fee is an estimated RMB 36,000 each year with a living cost of 1000-1500 RMB/month.

Eligibility criteria:
~To be eligible for the MBBS course in Xinjiang Medical University, aspiring students should have a STEM background with Biology Physics and Chemistry in as a part of their curriculum.

~In addition to the above criteria, the students must also have a minimum aggregate of 50% in all the mentioned subjects.

~Also, fluency in English and two years of study experience is required in the subject that the student wishes to pursue.

~Lastly, students who wish to get affiliated with Xinjiang Medical university’s MBBS program should be in the age range of 17 to 25 years.

The XMU is affiliated with hospitals and clinics which help the university by conducting internship placements for the PhD students and also to provide real-time clinical training.

Facilities and the Campus grounds at the XMU

Several buildings on the campus of the XMU are from the late Russian era. In recent times, the campus infrastructure of the XMU has been completely renovated and updated with modern libraries, canteens, hospitals at proximity and other facilities like training centres.

The laboratories on the campus that are used for experimentation and practical studies consist of modern and technologically advanced bio-information processing systems and models to enable better and easier understanding of the application for the students.

The library at the XMU covers an area of a 16,000 square meters and houses over 1.07 million books from all genres of the subjects and topics that are studied and referenced in the courses at the XMU. There are over 1,300 periodicals, journals, and books that are available and accessible in Chinese and other languages for the convenience of international students. The XMU, China has since introduced a connection to the Partners Harvard Medical International’s library database and has also incorporated six databases of their own.

The library can seat over 2,500 students in the reader area alone and can accommodate over 3,500 students and individuals in the electronic library area.

Language Association

The university also takes into consideration the language barrier that international students may face. So, the institution provides a Chinese class for the first year so students can get accustomed to the language. The rest of the curriculum is taught in English. XMU faculty believe that knowing the local language will help the students to better their understanding of the medical practices as the most useful application of studying medicine at XMU is found in the local clinics where the Chinese language is predominant.

Advantages of Xinjiang Medical University

China is the most technologically advanced nation in the world. Their advancement extends further beyond technological boundaries into medical science as well. Studying in this country is regarded to be one of the best opportunities for students pursuing Medicine. The Xinjiang Medical University has an exceptional international reputation among medical universities with state-of-the-art infrastructure, pioneering staff and decades of experience. The institute is well-equipped with futuristic instrumentation, advanced nursing laboratories and library tacked with over a million books with updating modules.

Apart from the exceptional facilities that the university has to offer, the other stand-out advantage is the low fees to study MBBS. The university also provides scholarships exclusively intended for international students also approved by the Chinese government as well.

The Xinjiang Medical University is also recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and also the Medical Council of India. For Indian students, this is especially advantageous.

One other advantage of studying at Xinjiang Medical University is the medium of communication. Although being in China, English is the choice of language of study in Xinjiang Medical University.

Chinese citizens well known for their hospitality around the world, hence being illtreated as a foreigner is seldom heard of. You will also find the highest number of Indian medical students in Xinjiang Medical University than any other international institute of medical science.

County of Urumqi, People’s Republic of China

Formally known as Tihwa, Urumqi is the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Situated in the northwestern part of the People’s Republic of China, Urumqi has managed to create and developed a reputation for itself as a leader in the cultural and commercial spheres in the 19th century.

Urumqi has an estimated population of 3.5 million people as of 2015 and is stated as the largest city in terms of population in Central Asia, and the second largest in the interiors of China’s northwestern regions. Urumqi is home to a vast number of tourist attractions like the People’s Square, the Heavenly Lake Scenic Area, and also is a hub for the educational and scientific community with a high number of esteemed institutions dedicated to the development of education and medical research.

The vast number of universities increase the chances of being able to set up a successful practice in the application of medicine after the completion of an MBBS degree.

Xinjiang Medical University is one of the best medical universities in China and has been recognized by many international health organizations like WHO and medical councils of other countries.

Conclusion – The beauty of Xinjiang

Each year, around over 13,000 students are enrolled at the Xinjiang Medical University. The university has a rough average of having over 800 international students each year providing accommodations on the campus itself for them, which is a wholesome experience educating and enriching students around the globe.

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