The Top 10 Must-Have Websites / Apps for MBBS Students

The Top 10 Must-Have Websites / Apps for MBBS Students

The undergraduate degree program, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery that is commonly referred to as MBBS is one of the most challenging higher studies in science. The journey of a medical student – right from setting up the career goals to becoming a specialist doctor – is hectic and complex. Certainly, it is no easy victory to become a doctor.

Thankfully, we live in a digitalized world now. There are numerous innovative online resources that help MBBS aspirants throughout the journey of becoming a successful health practitioner. In olden days, memorization played a big role in medical education. These days, smartphone eases the burden on the medical student by giving them easy access to accurate data and references. Likewise, the medical education sector is largely disrupted by mobile applications and websites.

However, the key lies in choosing authentic websites and apps that provide accurate information on relevant topics. Here goes a handpicked list of mobile apps and websites for doctors and students aspiring to join MBBS.


Developed by Web MD, Medscape is a dedicated mobile application for medical information. It is widely used by health professionals and medical students to get instant clinical information about diseases, health conditions, treatment and care, diagnostic procedures, etc. The app ensures instant access to vital information on patient care. Also, one can get quick and accurate information on medication and dosages along with its side effects. The newly added features in the app let the user visually identify drugs and supplements. Other tools in the app include medical calculators, procedure reference, drug interaction checker, and so on.


Next in the list of apps and websites for MBBS aspirants and professionals is Epocrates. It is a point-of-care mobile application that helps doctors make quick and accurate clinical decisions. It delivers up-to-date information on diagnosis and treatment anytime when required. It comes with a tool that enables doctors to check for possibly harmful interactions amongst and up to 30 drugs simultaneously. Another added feature in the app is that one can send text messages to colleagues or start group chats with care teams. Also, it provides a database for OTC and generic drugs along with safety guidelines.

Diseases Dictionary Medical   

This mobile application is completely free and available offline, hence medical students and professionals can access it anytime without an active internet connection. It contains a comprehensive list of diseases and disorders with relevant definition, symptoms, causes and treatment information. Also, it works as a handy medical reference book and thesaurus which covers all medical terminologies and abbreviations. It works as a pocket guide for health professionals when handling emergencies.


Any medical student can relate to the vast amount of information that one needs to memorize during the course. Brainscape, one of the best apps for MBBS students. It uses flashcards to help students grab and retain information quickly. It is an adaptive mobile educational platform that enables students to learn efficiently. Using the Brainscape app, you can create flashcards and sync it with other smart devices as well.


Prognosis is the app dedicated to helping medical students in the diagnosis of various diseases and disorders. It comes with hundreds of real-life clinical case studies which are reviewed and validated by a group of expert doctors. It contains various clinical conditions along with patient information, diagnostic reasoning, and treatment options. There are more than 400 real-life cases available in medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and surgery.

Online MedEd

This website is dedicated to delivering quality medical education using video content. Students get free access to numerous videos that cover specialties like trauma, pediatrics, nephrology, infectious diseases, and more. The site claims to have high yield content to help medical students prepare for the boards as well as wards. Furthermore, it has over 400 pages of notes with diagrams, tables, tips and insights into various topics.

Drugs Dictionary

This pharmaceutical dictionary app is available offline and free to download. It has a comprehensive list of drugs and its uses. It works as a detailed drug guide for medical professionals with its user-friendly interface and authentic information on drug terms, brands and generics. It has drug classifications, computation, and calculations. Apart from it, it contains missed dose details describing the impacts of a missed dose and necessary measures.

Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D

It is a reference app to learn the anatomy of the human body. It contains 3D models of the human musculoskeletal system with labels that leads to full-screen images of 145 muscles along with its properties and nerve supply. The 3D models allow the user to control a body area in 3D space. Besides, the app contains anatomy quizzes that help medical students to learn about muscles and their specific functions.

Student Doctor Network

It is a non-profit website that is dedicated to providing helpful information to medical students. It has something for everyone in the medical field – pre-medical students, health professionals, aspiring doctors, and practicing physicians. It contains numerous articles and interviews on various topics related to medical science, and forums for students and professionals to clear doubts. Also, it includes admission guides specifically for medical students in Canada and the USA.


It is a customizable learning resource for medical students. Both the app and website are specifically built to teach students human anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of medical conditions. It contains easy-to-follow videos, interactive anatomy models, flashcards and multiple choice questions. You can create the private work space for uploading study notes, prepare a study calendar and share resources with peers.

Wrapping up

Unlike before, we have heaps of resources now to make medical studies efficient, enjoyable and simple thanks to the digital technologies. The above-mentioned are just a few handpicked resources, and there are many more in the app stores. Also, there are many top websites for MBBS aspirants to draw inspiration, get information, and assist in becoming a successful health practitioner. However, make sure you depend on websites that give authentic and updated information.

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