Volgograd State Medical University-Russian Federation

Volgograd State Medical University-Russian Federation

Volgograd State Medical University is located in Volgograd city, also called Stalingrad, one of the largest cities in Russia. The pleasant Russian city is a center of tourist attraction and has acquired significance in the modern era since World War II. The city is situated at the southern region of Russia, on the banks of the Volga River. The summer temperature in Volgograd is around 26 °C and winter temperature around 9°C.

The ranking of the university is 7th among medical universities of Russia.It is duly recognized by the WHO, UNESCO and the Medical Council of India. Apart from the fact that the cost of living is less, medical education is affordable as well.The quality of education, however, conforms to international standards of medical education.The university employs 600 veterans from various fields of medicine in its 63 departments to impart knowledge and skills.

Volgograd State Medical University had started the intake of foreign national students in the year 1962. The University was among the first to open its doors to international students and has a dedicated international students’ department to look after the foreign medical students.

Studying at Volgograd, Russia

Volgograd offers access to world frontiers in medical education, research and professional practice.Volgograd graduates work in prestigious medical organizations or projects in different parts of the globe including United States, England, Germany, France, India, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Arab countries, African countries, and Latin American countries.

Living expenses in this city is around 1000-2000 USD per year. Volgograd is a less expensive city than Moscow and cost of living is affordable for foreign nationals. Student would also need to get medical insurance cover which would cost around 100-200 USD per year.

Advantages of studying at Volgograd SMU

Many foreign students prefer to study MBBS in this university for several reasons such as the top-notch quality of teaching faculty, advanced researchers, and state of the art facilities.

What makes medical education at this university even more interesting is the list of reputed scientists as the faculties. It is headed by the world renowned scientist, Professor Vladimir I. Petroy, one of the greatest academicians and contributors to the Russian Academy, Medical Sciences.

With several colleges of medicine and biological sciences, Volgograd State Medical University is regulated and accredited by the Russian Ministry of Education for teaching medicine to both local and international students.

MBBS is the most sought after degree in this university. Apart from General Medicine, the following courses are offered by the university and have an exclusive department for each:

  • College of Dentistry
  • College of Pediatrics
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Medical Biochemistry
  • College for Social Work and Clinical Psychology
  • College for Postgraduate and Continuous Education

Infrastructure and facilities at Volgograd SMU

The university campus has four main buildings that are located at the center of the city. The clinical courses that are provided are spread across 15 multi-profile clinics of departments of cardiology, surgery, ophthalmology, traumatology and obstetrics among others. These are equipped with the most up-to-date treatment and diagnostic facilities. A notable clinic, the Regional Cardiology Centre, is one of the best cardiological clinics in Russia.

Students also have access to its well-stocked library that comprises of more than 700,000 books in English, Russian, French, Arabian, German and more. The library also has an internet center within.

Indian and Non-Russian students can pursue medical education in Volgograd State Medical University in English medium. However, all Non-Russian students who do not know Russian language should also have to enroll for foundational course in Russian.

The student needs to enroll for a one month Russian language course at a Volgograd SMU center in their country. If the student cannot attend classes physically, then center provides content matter, books and audio video text to complete the course from home. A nominal fee is charged by the center for the same.

Life at Volgograd SMU, Russia

Students are eligible for the accommodation services, theatres, concert halls and cinemas, where they can experience a perfect blend of Russian and foreign cultures.

Physical education curriculum is considered as important as medical course curriculum at Volgograd SMU. The university premises has gyms, sports grounds, swimming pool and a large stadium. The university organizes regular sports camps on the banks of the Volga during the weekends and  holidays.

Eligibility criteria of Volgograd SMU

To be eligible for admission at the Volgograd State Medical University, the candidate must have passed their higher secondary education in Physics, Chemistry and Biology stream with aggregate 50-65%. They will be considered only if deemed eligible by the Medical Council of India to pursue the profession of medicine. Furthermore, the applicant must also be 18 years and above.

Admission process at Volgograd SMU

The applicant must submit the documents listed below:

  • A copy of higher secondary education certificate, attested for admission to medical universities and colleges in their native country. The certificate must also contain a list of courses taken and grades that were obtained. This should be notarized.
  • A medical certificate that includes the results of HIV-test.
  • 12 photographs (size 4×6 cm).

Initial payment of 300 USD must be made at the at Volgograd SMU center. This must be submitted along with the application form and all the relevant documents.

A final payment must be made after the candidate receives Admission Letter from the Volgograd SMU. A payment of 2000 USD has to be made at the Volgograd SMU center for registration, admission procedure and some other formalities for gaining admission. If the admission as per the candidate’s choice is not available, then the candidate is informed regarding the same and the initial registration payment fees of 300 USD is refunded. However, the 2000 USD is non-refundable.

The yearly fee has to be paid at the Volgograd SMU fees department, which includes tuition, hostel and study matter fee. Throughout the duration of six years of medical education at the Volgograd SMU, the student is required to pay 6130 USD per year.

Conclusion- Brilliance begins where your search ends

Studying at Volgograd SMU is an exciting opportunity that is both affordable and eloquent in quality. Situated in paradise, this university is the perfect blend of culture and education blended to perfection for their students.

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