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How Can Indian Students Save Money by Studying MBBS Abroad?

For science students in India, MBBS is one of the most preferred academic courses to opt for to ensure a bright career. However, due to a limited number of seats in India and cutthroat competition with a really difficult entrance exam structure, many science students of India choose to study MBBS in abroad countries.

Many students often think studying abroad would be expensive, but you can actually save money by studying abroad.

Are you looking forward to securing MBBS admission abroad and want to save money as well?

This blog will allow you to know how an Indian medical student can save money comfortably while studying MBBS abroad.

  1. Scholarship programs
  • If you have opted to study MBBS abroad, applying for a scholarship is a must, especially if you are exceptional in your studies and have the academic credentials to prove the same.
  • There are several medical universities across the globe that offer student scholarships based on different eligibility criteria.
  • Securing a scholarship can really help you save money big time.
  1. Part time job
  • Most countries around the world allow students to work for a minimum of 20 hours a week.
  • It is true that to study MBBS abroad, you need to put in a lot of time and effort in the studies.
  • However, in order to live comfortably in a new country and don’t add load to your family, it is also important that you make some money.
  • Taking up a part time job or some freelancing assignments after college hours or during the weekends can help you earn some income to sustain your overseas living expenses. This would also mean less financial burden on your family and less dependent on them for your expenses.
  1. Opening a bank account
  • Once you have secured your MBBS admission abroad and landed in a new country, it is essential for you to open a bank account with one of the local banks.
  • This would help you keep your money safe and avoid any unnecessary expenditure or currency conversion charges.
  • Also, it is advisable to start saving if you have got a part time job by keeping money in the bank and not spending the entire amount.
  • These small savings every week can yield a big amount when you really need it.
  1. Accommodation
  • One of the major expenses for any student studying MBBS abroad is the accommodation cost.
  • College dormitories and hostels are cheaper compared to individual apartments or even shared ones.
  • Also, choosing a hostel will help you save on the travelling cost as well.
  1. Choosing the country and college that best fits your budget
  • Before choosing the medical college to study MBBS abroad, it is advisable to enquire about the cost of living in that particular country.
  • Often, the course fee to study MBBS in abroad country might be less; however, the cost of living is very high.
  • It is essential for you to strike a perfect balance between the course fee and the cost of living while studying MBBS abroad.
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