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What is HSK Test and Its Importance for MBBS Students in China

HSK is a test conducted by “Han Ban”, a non-government organization to assess Chinese language proficiency. This is equivalent to tests such as IELTS and TOEFL performed for the English language. Almost each MBBS university in China considers the HSK qualification as a criterion of Chinese language proficiency. The exam takes place at certain levels ranging from level 1 to level 6 of increasing difficulties with the exam of HSK level 6, which indicates the highest proficiency.

At present, most of the universities offering MBBS in China particularly require passing the exam of HSK level 3 to complete their respective courses and graduate. Recently in some MBBS universities in China, the bar is set for passing the HSK Level 4 exam. The other benefit of the HSK test is that at present there are plenty of universities providing scholarships to students pursuing MBBS study in China.

New HSK Test Pattern:

  • In this new HSK test model, the student’s abilities are judged by the joint efforts of various disciplines such as Chinese language teaching, psychology, educational measures, and linguistics.
  • This test helps subject matter experts to better judge the level of efficiency of students.
  • The new HSK test pattern has been combined with the earlier HSK test to reflect current trends in MBBS courses.
  • If you are ready to pursue MBBS study in China, you need to consider the HSK test.

Top Reasons to Take the HSK Test

1. Admission into Chinese University:

  • If you are seeking admission to MBBS University in China, having an HSK certificate will increase your chances to get into the same.
  • To be accepted into a Chinese university, students need to know basic and advanced levels of Chinese as student visas are granted based on the level of fluency in the Chinese language.

2. Increase Your Chances of Getting a Chinese Scholarship:

  • Students can use their HSK test results to apply for various scholarships while studying MBBS in China.
  • Passing the HSK with good scores shows that students have language skills, which increases their chances of getting sponsored for language courses.

3. Best Internship and Job Opportunity in China:

  • HSK test is an important factor for students pursuing their MBBS study in China.
  • HSK proficiency certificate helps students in finding a better internship and job opportunities while studying MBBS in China.
  • Also, if a student wants to continue his/ her career in China, then this certificate will be of great support.


HSK exam is an important factor for students pursuing their MBBS study in China. HSK proficiency certificate helps students in finding a better internship opportunity for them. Moreover, passing the HSK test enables students studying at the preferred MBBS University in China. It also makes it easy to connect with the Chinese people, their culture, history, and literature, which will make their stay easier in China.

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